Professional services and drones solutions

DR-one is a provider platform for organizations that want to deploy drones to make business processes faster, safer and more efficient.


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Full-service company

DR-one offers a wide range of services with drones, ranging from consultancy, inspections and outsourcing of pilots to mapping.

Sales and rental

DR-one sells and rents out drones to organizations or pilots and advises them in choosing the right drone for each type of assignment.

Education and training

Both companies and pilots can follow various educations and trainings to further develop their knowledge and skills concerning drone.

The missing link between companies and drones providers

The drone industry is a young but very fast growing economy. Many companies still need to get familiar with the possibilities of drones and their economic advantages. Drone pilots, on the other hand, have difficulties in finding paid jobs from large companies as a sole provider to keep growing their expertise. DR-one offers an ecosystem that brings drone pilots and businesses closer together.




Air miles

Transparency and simplicity in the jungle of drones

Many passionate professionals are itching to offer their drone services. With varying expertises, availabilities and hourly rates, it is often a daunting task to find the matching provider. We take over this task from you and offer a flexible service tailored to your needs. Thanks to our standardized price list, companies can very quickly get a transparent quote with a guaranteed fair rate.

“The flights went extremely well. Thanks to the professionalism of the DR-one team, we didn’t have to worry about that. We are looking forward to working together on many more future projects. “

Danche Popova – Aveillant, A Thales Company

The right pilot, with the right drone, for the right job

DR-one is a group of over 30 licensed pilots throughout Belgium and has over 50 drones in all sizes and weights and with all the latest technologies. This complete offer ensures that we can always deploy a pilot with the right knowledge, who also uses the most suitable drone to complete the mission.

Customers and partners

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