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On Sunday October 6th, DR-one hosted a SwissDrones drone demonstration at DronePort in Sint-Truiden. During the VOKA Company Day, the general public was introduced to the SDO 50 V2 from SwissDrones, an unmanned helicopter of no less than 50 kg that can stay in the air for up to 2.5 hours. The Swiss want to continue to roll out their services and products throughout Europe and are talking with DR-one as a possible partner for this.

The aircraft has conducted two test flights throughout the day to demonstrate its capabilities and capacities. The unmanned helicopter can carry about 40 kg of payload. During the demonstration, the drone hoisted such a weight and dropped it again at a height of about 10 meters. This indicates the multi-purpose of the drone for applications such as surveillance or inspections with heavier types of cameras or even for transporting certain goods or equipment.

“As a provider platform of services and products with drones, we are looking for solutions in all segments,” says Rob Nuyens of DR-one. “This aircraft is an absolute top-notch machine and therefore belongs to the top segment of the drone industry. We see numerous applications for commercial use of the drone on the long term. We are therefore very honored that we could host the SwissDrones demo and are looking forward to a possible cooperation, in terms of sales, services and as well as training.”

On the other hand, the SwissDrones team members were also very impressed with their visit. The professional support of DR-one and the fantastic facilities of DronePort ensured that the test flights went smoothly in between the busy air traffic that day. All parties were very satisfied with the demonstration day and look forward to a future cooperation. SwissDrones wants to further distribute its services and products across Europe and are talking with DR-one and DronePort as possible partners for this.