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The founders of the pilot collective DR-one launched a new trading platform for second-hand drones, named ‘DR-two’. Both consumers and professionals can use it to sell their used drones. Each device will always be checked and overhauled by a DR-two technical expert before it is offered for sale. Interested buyers can also perform a test flight in the airspace of DronePort, the home of DR-two. In this way, the founders want to create a well-organized and, above all, reliable trading place for buyers and sellers of second-hand drones.

The Flemish locator sites are full of it: used drones that are disposed of, whether or not complete or undamaged. Yet there is often a lot of restraint among potential buyers. Drones are high-tech gadgets that are very sensitive to small defects with potentially major consequences. “Whoever buys a drone wants certainty about the condition of the device,” claims Rob Nuyens of DR-two. “And with second-hand machines you never have certainty about that, by definition. The residual value of used drones is therefore often underestimated under pressure from potential buyers and they are rarely sold at a correct price. “

Controlled state of each device
This is how the idea was created to set up a Facebook shop with refurbished drones that can be extensively tested in the airspace of DronePort, even without insurance. “Only then can you as a buyer obtain a maximum technical guarantee and as a seller get a correct price,” claims Guy Verhoeven from DR-two. “We are going to sell our own drones and drones from third parties on the platform. Our home base DronePort is not only the ideal location because of its testing possibilities, but is also the ideal showroom. With the thousands of drone professionals who pass by every year, we increase the visibility and therefore the chance of a successful match between a buyer and a seller. “

Buying and selling without worries
DR-two is somehow a copy-paste of DR-one. “With DR-one we were already selling drones. We guide numerous customers in their purchasing process from A to Z. We help them understand their needs, use our knowledge and experience to advise the right devices and give them the opportunity to do test flights or even start a pilot project. We want to fully extend that level of service in the DR-two story, but for second-hand drones. The seller determines the price he wants for it, brings the device to DronePort and we take care of the sale. The buyer can count on professional advice, can test the revised device and then take it with him. “

Often, devices that are barely or not used are still stored in the attic. Many drone owners think that their older devices are not worth much anymore and are therefore of the opinion that it is better to keep them. But experience shows that often schools or course participants like to purchase a cheap entry-level model or older device instead of expensive new devices. Even sellers who do not want the administrative hassle or the hassle of receiving potential buyers, can very easily put their used devices up for sale via DR-two. They can simply take the device to DronePort and DR-two will then take care of all the promotion, like taking photos, making an advertisement and display the device in the DronePort incubator.

Win win win!
Quickly browse the full product range on and don’t forget to click ‘like’ and to follow the page. On January 1st, the latest DJI Mavic Mini will be raffled among all followers of the DR-two Facebook page that shared the page with #drtwo! The winner will be drawn by an innocent drone. Do you have one or more drones that you barely use and would like to sell? Then contact us quickly via