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Are you a licensed drone pilot with a specific expertise or drone and would you like to join forces to grow faster in the industry? Then sign up quickly as a DR-one pilot!


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DR-one is building an ecosystem of local operators and devices that offers drone services to organizations in all countries of Europe.

Strength in numbers

Under the motto ‘strength in numbers’, we bring together drone professionals with diverse knowledge and skills into a large pilot collective. Thanks to our extensive network of companies that want to employ drone applications, pilots who are members of our collective can perform jobs that they probably would have never got as a sole entrepreneur. In addition, we want to be a safe haven for knowledge sharing by bringing all our pilots together on a regular basis to learn from each other.

Focus on your passion: flying

DR-one offers licensed drone pilots a framework in which they can fully focus on their passion: flying. Our ecosystem will help you get new leads, will take care of all the red tape regarding drone jobs and will continuously offer you trainings to keep increasing your knowledge.

Competitive advantage as a collective

With the advent of the new European drone legislation in 2020, drone operators can conduct international drone jobs. This gives an enormous amount of opportunities to grow. As a collective, we can also offer a much broader and deeper range of services that will allow us to better defend ourselves against foreign competition.

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Do you have specific knowledge or skills that can give our pilots collective a significant added value? Do not hesitate to sign up. We evaluate every application as soon as possible!

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