Products and services

DR-one is a provider platform for services and products in the drone industry, ranging from drone jobs, to sales, rental and training.


Full-service company

DR-one offers a wide range of services with drones, ranging from consultancy, inspections and outsourcing of pilots to mapping.

Sales and rental

DR-one sells and rents out drones to organizations or pilots and advises them in choosing the right drone for each type of assignment.

Education and training

Both companies and pilots can follow various educations and trainings to further develop their knowledge and skills concerning drone.

“Port of Antwerp dreams of automated and BVLOS flying drones without the intervention of people, but society and accompanying legislation are not yet ready. So what do you do in the meantime? Right, you fly according to the current legislation and use a pilot collective such as DR-one, where you will find a safe solution for your needs through just one SPOC (single point of contact), where they look for viable solutions and where a problem rather is a challenge than a barrier. “

Didier Venneman, Port of Antwerp

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