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Recently, EASA officially published a set of documents dictating how to comply with the new EU rules for flying in the Specific Category in terms of risk assessment methodology. You’ll notice that it’s all SORA based. If you want to be ready to fly in the Specific Category as from 2021, you better get yourself familiar on how to do a SORA. Best way to do that is to get yourself trained and start applying that methodology to your KB-based derogations already as of now. That is why DR-one organizes this course in collaboration with EuroUSC-Benelux and SYNTRA Limburg.


Module 1: Basic

The new EU drone legislation is primarily an operation-based risk-based approach. Operators in the specific category have the option of submitting a risk assessment to receive a “flight permit”. A method has been developed to guide different authorities as well as the pilot or operator in what is needed for an authorization to operate an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) in a specific operational environment: the specific operational risk assessment or SORA, aimed at the “specific” Category UAS (as defined by EASA Technical Opinion 01/2018).

The SORA offers an adequate combination of design and operational mitigation mechanisms for known areas of damage to people on the ground or in the air. The operator must understand these mechanisms and translate them into an understandable SORA that makes almost any operation possible. In this course, participants learn to understand the SORA methodology risk analysis before flights, during flights and for communication with operational staff and the Civil Aviation Authority.

Module 2: Advanced

As a member of the drone community you understand the SORA, but writing a SORA yourself is a little bit different. Defining risks in an operational area is only one step, because it must be followed by a substantiated motivation of all technical and operational mitigations. This course prepares the participants for the preparation of an SORA application that makes it possible to get that “permission to fly”. After all, a good SORA application will be a successful SORA application that leads to a well-executed flight.


This Dutch training is divided into two modules: basic and advanced. Both modules are given together in an online training on one day. The registration fee for the course is 700,00 euros for both modules. Thanks to the collaboration with Syntra, it is possible to pay for the course through an KMO-portefeuille. The registrations go through the website of SYNTRA Limburg.


Thursday 14/05/20

Online training

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